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Bob Evan Oct 30

Dine in at Bob Evans

Thursday October 30th from 7am-8pm Dine In or Carry Out to support St Susan Center at Bob Evans! Bob Evans will donate 15% of the sales to the … [Read More+]

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Providing a Nutritional Lunchtime Meal Everyday

Good nutrition is as challenging as making a part-time wage cover the cost of living plus medical expenses, as complicated as graduating from high school while caring for an infant, as difficult as finding work when you are unable to read a job application.

For our neighbors who face these and other challenges, St Susan Center provides a nutritional lunchtime meal every day.

St. Susan Center is more than a place for the economically disadvantaged. The Center also serves as a safe haven for the physically, mentally and emotionally challenged individuals in our community who feel isolated. Increasing health care costs, limited availability of specialized housing and the fact that people are living longer all add significantly to the number of individuals forced to make unhealthy, even life-threatening choices. St. Susan Center is a place where respect is served with each meal and every guest is an important part of our community.

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