Community Collaboration: Venison Donation Supports St. Susan Center’s Mission

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Primitive Patriot Outdoors, Norton’s Custom Cuts, and the Venison Donation Coalition of WCNY Pantry Project for their generous support of St. Susan Center. Through their collaboration, these three organizations provided a vital donation of venison, enabling us to serve our guests for an entire day. Considering that St. Susan’s typically serves an average of 174 meals daily, their contribution made a significant impact. In 2023 alone, we served over 50,000 meals, highlighting the critical role such donations play in our mission.

Josh Larsen and Joe Chapman, the proprietors of Primitive Patriot Outdoors, exemplify community spirit by donating a couple of deer from the 2023 hunting season. Their dedication doesn’t stop there; Josh partnered with his friend Mike Norton to process the venison, ensuring it could be readily distributed to St. Susan’s. Primitive Patriot Outdoors is committed to fostering community engagement through outdoor events and media platforms, with Josh aspiring to expand this initiative under his “Hunting for the Homeless” campaign.

Meanwhile, Mike Norton of Norton’s Custom Cuts, an approved processor for the Venison Donation Coalition of WCNY Pantry Project, has been instrumental in providing nutritious proteins to those in need in Chautauqua and Cattaraugus County. With expertise in custom butchering for both domestic animals and deer, Norton’s Custom Cuts plays a crucial role in the processing and distribution of venison donations.

For hunters and farmers looking to contribute, the Venison Donation Coalition of WCNY Pantry Project offers an avenue to donate either a whole deer or a portion thereof. Currently, the coalition distributes venison across thirteen counties in western and central New York, with participating pantries collecting donations from processors like Norton’s Custom Cuts and distributing them within their communities.

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